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Company description

CPRNZ Inspection reports and/or walk through inspections are the smartest investment you can make at the beginning of your buying or selling process. Mainly because of their educational value, especially for people who are looking at their first property and for those that aren't fluent in construction techniques and terminology.

The educational experience of our property reports and walk through inspections enables the experienced and the less experienced to immediately get a sense of the inspection system required to intelligently invest in good properties and what the key areas are they need to pay attention too at each individual property. So they can work out what properties might require more than their budgeting allows vs what properties will best fit their plans.
For clients interested in multiple properties, our walk through inspection option saves them time and money before soliciting CPR for a more thorough and more expensive inspection that our specialist equipment and years of Industry Experience is actually required for. 

There’s no point spending any extra money, if there are already obvious signs that the property is going to cost more than your projected budget allows. If we have done our job correctly, we should have taught you the basic inspection fundamentals. And if there's a next time. You will have already short listed the worthwhile investments yourself. Then you can pay for our specialist knowledge to inspect all the different components that its taken years of experience to understand and be able to make sure there won't be any hidden issues that could jeopardise the future of your investment.

Its not good enough to just identify what's obviously a concern now. You need to know what might become an issue if its not corrected within a particular timeframe. You need to know how best to do that or who the best tradespeople are for that job if you can't do it yourself. You need to know how much its going to cost and that the observation has been remedied correctly. That's the peace of mind you pay CPR for!

At CPR, we know this approach is opposite to what most other property inspection firms have as their business models. The real difference is we don't want your repeat business! We want our clients to know they have the perfect home and/or investment for them. Your satisfaction, hopefully gives us the best reviews and having the best reviews gets us more business.  So for us there is no, next inspection until each client is 100% satisfied.  That's the CPR business model and it's just one of the reasons why we are the best at what we do. 

Included as standard in every CPRNZ report:

• Documentation and instructions for maintaining the different aspects of the inspected property.
• FLIR Thermal Imaging report.
• Moisture Testing of all perimeter walls and wet areas.
• Full Roofing System Inspection. 
• Full Structural assessment of the foundation systems, Wall framework and Roofing structure.
• Electrical, Plumbing and/or Gas systems check.
• Healthy Homes evaluation.
• EQC assessment.
• Overall report for the interior and exterior condition.
• Priority maintenance repair list.
• DIY Solutions for moderate observations. (with detailed drawings and instructions)
• Recommended contractors for any major observations.
• Estimated costings for repair and/or replacement of any observations.

In addition to all of that, all CPRNZ clients get:
• Reports published to their email within 8 hours of the inspections completion.
• PDF and Digital versions of your report.
• PDF manuals for the appliances in the home.
• Builder Repair List App for negotiating cost of observations at settlement.
• 24/7 Before and After-report assistance (for as long as its required)
• Discounted rates for returning clients. (clients that are unsuccessful acquiring the inspected property, will receive a discount for every inspection until either; they are successful or until the last report if free)
• Free thermal imaging walk through re-inspections for monolithic clad properties. (6 months after initial inspection, if required for peace of mind)

Comprehensive Property Reports Limited.
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Best value for money as well.
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