Point Break Backpackers by the Beach

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6 Union Street
Christchurch 8061
New Zealand
Phone number:
(03) 388 2050

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Company description

Quality top rated hostel in Oceania for 2007, By the Beach, Double / Single / Twin / Family / Dorm rooms, Internet Cafe, Fully equipped kitchen, Laundry facilities, Free Carparking, Group booking


I'm staying in a two person shared room because the rest of Christchurch is booked out for some cricket thing. I put my estimated time of arrival as 9pm. I got there not long after 9:30pm, the guy gave me a smiling hard time about being late. The bus took longer to get there than I thought. I don’t know the area at all and I was exhausted. He also kept talking and talking and told me impatiently that if I wanted to buy more wifi and I would have to tell him, like, now because he was closing up soon. My exhaustion didn't register in his mind. The place has no lift and my suitcase was very heavy, it also has awkward narrow hallways and doors. I couldn't handle the stairs and a fellow guest took pity on me and took my suitcase up. My room is a cupboard with bunk beds. The other person already had the bottom one. I have sore joints and constant vertigo, I struggled to get up to the top bunk. In the morning, my feet were sweaty and the bunk ladder is very thin rounded metal and my feet were slipping on it. It felt dangerous. For some strange reason they put a table and chair in there, that pretty much cramped up what little floor space there is. The person I am sharing the room with talked almost all night. I finally got to sleep and then got woken up at 4:30 in the morning seeing this girl standing there staring at me, not one metre from my face. I yelled out thinking it was an attacker. She then told me off for the noise. Her excuse was that she was getting water, but she could've drunk it without standing there staring at me at close proximity. I told her that she had been talking all night, she said she was sorry and the talking stopped. She claimed later this morning not to know she was doing it. I told the person at reception (because I'm here for work -four straight days of trying to impress people - and can't sleep during the daytime) and the person at reception said that "unfortunately, we can't do anything about someone who sleep talks" and said something about maybe I could swap rooms (this dump is full). The lady just came back to me. She got really angry when I asked if my new possible room mate also sleep talked. She wasn't prepared to ask that and now the manager is going to talk to me. She said that she sleep talked and that people do that. Doesn't care about my sleep deprivation and that I can't function. I did point out that sleep talkers probably shouldn't be booking shared rooms. She retorted that I could've booked a single room somewhere. I told her I couldn't because Christchurch is full. Angry and rude. What a disgraceful response. I went to use the (no signs to show you where it is) bathroom. No toilet paper. I thought I would try downstairs. The door to the downstairs area was locked. Nothing was going to open until 8am. I had to wait until then to relieve myself this morning. No out door area, just a carpark and all the rubbish and recycling bins. The free breakfast is cereal and toast , it was very cramped. This building is unsuitable to be used as a hostel because it's too small. My bed was also unchanged. I was so tired after my six hour , plus urban bus trips that I didn't say anything. I would never stay in such a shit hole again! The worst hostel ever. I have shared in other hostels (for less money) and have had an okay time. I think some homeless people slept better than me last night. I'm worried that I'll ruin my career as I have to be on form tonight in front of a lot of important people. FML. The manager just stood over me with her arms folded and kept telling me how moving me is such a difficult thing for them to do. Thanks lady for making me feel like an inconvenience. It's not my fault I'm exhausted and sleep deprived. I’ve managed to flee to a homestay. On the way out I discovered that one of their 6 / 8? bed dorms has no windows! A Small room too. Their luggage room has a notice on it that they don’t supervise the room and not to put valuables in there and that they take no responsibility for your stuff. I thought that was the point of having a luggage room. I saw the thing open for several minutes with no one in it this morning. The receptionist (who looks like the manager so assume she is her daughter) merely said a clipped “okay” when I said I was leaving. No sympathy for my bad stay nor any well wishes. Very unprofessional and pathetic business!
2/14/2015 1:42:58 AM Report
I wrote this in real time and saved it. This has been my past few hours. The YWCA in town is waaaaaaaay nicer and value for money IMO.
2/14/2015 1:47:45 AM - Report