The Foxes Den

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State Highway 1
Westhaven Westhaven
New Zealand
Phone number:
021 418 280


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Due to this unique structure, it provides good filtering, ventilation, and higher than normal evaporating and moisture capabilities. Did I mention that linen fabric is also known as bacteria resistant as well? These benefits make it a suitable choice for those people who want a good night's sleep while also being free from any skin sensitivities or diseases. In fact, the linen bedding options are very good for children and babies! This means it is an excelling choice to search for Linen NZ, especially for babies!

The linen fabric is also easy on the skin as it helps in retaining the skin's natural pH. Besides improving your skin comfort, it also helps a lot with skin allergies as well! If you need Bed Linen Auckland or Bed Linen NZ, you can't go wrong with The Foxes Den. At the start, I mentioned that the use of linen fabric in hotels is common, and it is due to its distinct and luxurious feeling along with a soft texture that can make an individual feel relaxed after a long day.

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