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Ali Frost
Warning: Avoid Zazu Hairdressing. The price might be luring but my recent experience included: *poor service (answering personal calls during service), *either not listening/ looking at what I was asking for (I provided pictures), not paying attention to what they were doing (mind was probably still on their personal matters), or just blatantly does not know what they're doing. The end result was not even close to what I was after *shitty and defensive attitude when I told them it wasn't right and pointed out what was wrong, attempted to fix (but you can't put back what's been removed), *used product after product after product so that I couldn't actually tell what the cut really looked like ( I had to wash my hair when I got home to remove all the crap that was put in my hair, and have had to wash every day since), *I gave it the rest of the day to decide on the cut but by midnight was so upset I couldn't sleep so decided to send an email explaining this and that I felt under the circumstances it called for a refund so that I could pay for someone else to fix the mess, it has now been over a week and I have not had a response. AVOID
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