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Absolutely terrible. Booking confirmed between 8-9am, when we hadn't heard anything by 9:30am we called and we told there were unexpected mechanical issues with the truck - fair enough. We were advised we would be told by 10am if they could fix it, or if they would get a replacement truck. 10:30am rolled around and we hadn't heard anything, so we had to contact them again and were told the truck was fixed and they were on their way, should be there in about 15-20 minutes. 45 minutes later I had to call AGAIN to ask where they were, and the GPS tracker said they were a few minutes away. When they arrived there was zero urgency to get the truck opened up and start the job, despite writing down the exact time that they arrived over the road instead of when they actually started moving things. The owner apologised for the delay and said it was out of his hands, which seemed sincere, however he showed me his little book and quoted the full pricing to me. I said "I'm not really happy paying full price considering the delay and the fact that communication has been rubbish". He asked "With who", so I said "With us - we've had to chase you up every hour to find out what's been happening". He said "Let's go, boys" to the other two and promptly walked off. Considering I wasn't being aggressive, confrontational or demeaning, this is a completely unacceptable reason to refuse service. Needless to say some profanities followed, with the other workers a bit confused as to what was going on, and my wife now screaming at me. The owner was not willing to negotiate or listen to reason despite one of his own workers wanting to stay and sort out the issue. When I said to him "I'd rather pay full price than have no movers", he replied with a nasty "Unless you pay me $1000 an hour then no way". I wouldn't be surprised if we were shafted for another job considering how late they were running, but I just want to say a massive (sarcastic) thanks for leaving me and my wife to unsuccessfully call 13 other moving companies and move a three-bedroom house while juggling two grumpy children under five years old using a hired trailer and some very kind friends who had to take time off work. Oh, also we missed our kids' last afternoon at their daycare so didn't get to say goodbye to any of the teachers or other kids. Stay well away from these guys. Other friends of ours that have moved with them have had a good experience but considering that bad luck led to all of this drama for us, I say it's not worth the risk.
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