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Karen Armitage
In 1984 The Porirua Amateur Athletic Track & Field Club would meet on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays mornings for Children's Competitions, for a few years after they still met at Ascot Park and then transfered to the Police College Park on Whitford Brown Avenue. There were quite a few Families from Ascot Park that competed regularly and even enter the National Colgate Games. Mr Anderson was responsible for Looking after the Club. The Club later closed with the Local Children then moving on to Mana Amateur Athletics Club down at the Ngatitota Domain or the Titahi Bay Amateur Athletic Club over at Titahi Bay Kuru Street Park.. I was a member of the Porirua St John First Aiders and rember being responsible for First Aid Duties on Club Nights at Ascot Park Park, Conclusion Street, Porirua. The Porirua Athletic Club had started it Origins at another Park before coming to make it 's Home at Ascot Park Park and in total the Club ran for about 25 years. If anyone can give me more information on the History of the club or it Lifespan please email me at karen.a.armitage@xtra.co.nz
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