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Laurel Ellis
Wayne Fellingham was booked to my celebrant but pulled out 6 weeks prior to my wedding. He has a good list of suggested songs, vows, etc and even suggests different rituals that can be performed. Don't be fooled by his lovely website however, he lacks communication skills, can't handle changes to the pre scripted vows and is not very flexible. He promised to meet with me and months went by, I had to hassle him for a visit to discuss my important day. Things seemed to be fine until I corrected his spelling and slightly reworded some of the vows (as they should be allowed to be personalised!) Wayne was not happy, he emailed me late at night and could not clearly state why he was unhappy only that he no longer wanted to be my celebrant alluding to the fact that my day sounded like too much work because I chose two of his suggested rituals instead of one and the newly worded vows were too hard. There was no room for discussion. My guess is that he double booked himself! It is highly unprofessional and stressful to stress a bride out in this way! Stick to funerals Wayne.
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