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Hello All The last thing you should do is to call Joseph from Red Cap. I used Grabone voucher(some where around End of 2017), it took weeks to get a reply, finally got a reply and timing was arranged for weekend. As he didn't turn up, I made a call to Joseph. Excuse was, one cockroach got killed, so he can't come. We have to change for another week. Joseph arrived next week. The deal I bought was for 3-4 rooms, but he only did kitchen. What we noticed the solution he used was so dilute, that cockroaches enjoyed drinking. We trusted him to do all the rooms, but he did only Kitchen and gone. After three days, cockroaches came back, when contacted, he said, we have to do Second Treatment, and that will cost $40. After 3-4 weeks with repeated emails/phone calls/text, he finally came. Again after 3-5 days, the cockroaches were back. Send repeated emails/phone calls/text he totally disappeared. Although Joseph promised to come and fix the issue. Finally he came after Three months(24-03-2018) and asked for $70. I was about to pay straight away, but was warned by my family members, not to pay, wait for 5 days. And don't pay cash, pay by OnLine Banking. Now this Joseph started asking for money, I keep saying "You have to wait for 5 days, as on previous two occasions", the cockroaches were back in 5 days. I did mentioned about complaining. Avoid Red Cap, Terrible customer service, not to be trusted and never to be tried again. Keep Away from this Company and Joseph.
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