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Too bad! After my transmission replacement they did not screw the screws so I ended up having a huge pool of oil under my car. They towed it away to Tirau and guess what? In 3 months time most of oil leaked out again as the screws still were loose. Do not even want to dwell into the details what happened next. Very unpleasant, unpprofesiional and unethical response. They give an 18 months warranty but do not reply to the emails or return calls when problems occur. Highly disappointing experience!
1/19/2017 7:23:48 AM Report
Hi Olga, What job did you get done with CVT New Zealand? I'm considering using them for a CVT transmission repair job for my Subaru... Did you deal with a guy name Garrett or Garrick? Cheers.
1/8/2018 3:22:42 AM - Report