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This is concerning a staff member in the Hastings branch who's name we believe is Olivia, the service my partner and i received at half past 2 yesterday arvo was disgusting and highly unprofessional, 1st she insulted my partner and blatantly ignored him when he said she was not to go into the changing room after she had excitedly ask if she could go see me try on the bra, she then yelled out to me " i have to come in now" and entered the changing room without my consent and proceeded to talk to me about her own personal business which had nothing to do with bra fitting what so ever and made me feel highly uncomfortable, after this i decided i did not want the bra and her reply to this was to leave my partner at home next time. I have been a regular customer of Benson for a while now but i refuse to shop there again if she is serving. I would hate to think how many other women and couples have had this expeience. It really was creepy
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